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Production Line Supervisor

Job Description: 

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• Entrepreneurial thinking and acting/business sense
• Ability to motivate employees
• Ability to manage and solve conflicts. (Problem solving skills)
• Cross-functional thinking and interdisciplinary knowledge
• Willingness and ability to continue training/education
• Analytical and Strategic thinking, goal and results orientated
• Authorized to stop production if necessary

Goal of the Working Position: Control the production process in regards to all quantity, quality, and economical aspects. Train, evaluate, and improve the ability (skills) of the people in the production lines and ensure a smooth working flow.

Most important task and responsibilities:

Communicate daily with the Head of Production to ensure that daily production objectives are met. This includes, but not limited to:
• Production scheduling, posting, and coordination
• Schedule attainment
• Staff planning and deployment (allocation of resources) per line/area and coordination of new hires
• Training coordination and adminstration (with support from Human Resources)
• Ensure training process is followed, including cross-training, documentation, and matrix updated.
• Address employee ETO, absenteeism, and all disciplinary processes
• Ensure efficiency and scrap rates are on target each day (address when not met)
• Review Andon and Pareto (scrap) tables with Group Leaders and employees each day
• Address workflow (bottleneck) issues, including all downtime
• Recognize and induce necessary repairs and preventative maintenance
• Instruction of workers in regard to production rules, environment, and safety
• Instruction in regard to the quality control plans and work and test instructions
• Responsible for quality products going out the door
• Cost responsible in regard to scrap, material utilization, and production cycle times (labor)

Requirements Professional:
High school diploma/GED and computer skills. Very good manual (craft) abilities. Min 5-7 year’s experience: leading employees in a controlled manner.
Requirements Personal:
Willing to Travel (less than 10%)

Jackie Nabat, CPC, MBA
Executive VP, Executive & Technical Recruitment
(586) 772-6452