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Wendy Pierce

Senior Technical Recruiter
586-772-6452 ext. 133

Wendy joined Bryant Bureau in 2008 as a Research Assistant and was quickly promoted to Technical Recruiter after successfully filling three search assignments in her first quarter with the company. She is a dedicated and self-motivated team player that quickly develops good working relationships with everyone she meets. She specializes in locating talented individuals via the internet, cold calling, and relationship building networks to fill our clients' needs.

What people have said about working with Wendy:

"I had the pleasure of working with Wendy in the capacity of her working to place me in a position which she was recruiting for. Wendy first and foremost was extremely timely and consistently kept me apprised of any updates or requests for further information and was flexible with her schedule which I greatly appreciated. Wendy was also very transparent and very clear with me on the position, its expectations, and setting realistic expectations. Many recruiters can have a tendency to “sell” things that may not necessarily be entirely accurate. However, with Wendy I have great respect for her level of honesty and ease of which one can trust her.
I would highly recommend anyone seeking to pursue a new opportunity have a discussion with Wendy. Both Wendy and her team were great in my experience and I would advise anyone seeking a change to contact and work with her.
Should I need a change in the future, Wendy will be my first call."
-Travis, March 2016

"Wendy is great at matching a client's need to their requirements. With her professionalism, she will go above and beyond to make sure her clients are matched to the right companies. She can get anything done!"
- Christina, 2012

"I first worked with Wendy Pierce after my job as a Sales Engineer in the automotive industry was eliminated due to the economic crisis of 2008 - 2009. What separates Wendy from other recruiters (and I spoke with many) is her personal touch. I don't mean that she is easy to talk to (although she is) or that we share some common interest (although we do); I mean that she took the time to get to know what I, as a candidate, was really looking for in job placement, and filtered out a lot of positions that she knew would not be a good fit for me.

Many other recruiters wanted to know just a few things about me: where did I go to school, where did I work before, how much money did I want to make, and was I willing to relocate. If my answers to those questions matched up with a position, then I was sent on an interview as a "lowest common denominator" candidate. Wendy was different. She didn't ask whether I was willing to relocate; she wanted to know where I would be happy if I relocated, and talked to me in depth about the geographic locations of some of the hiring companies she was working with. She wasn't just trying to fill a spot with whatever candidate would suffice, take the recruiting fee from the client, and move on; she was trying to make sure that the candidates she placed would be happy in those new positions. Having any job in these economic times is certainly a good thing; working hard so she can place you in a great job sets Wendy apart."
- Francis, 2012

"Wendy Pierce is an outstanding recruiter. Her strengths are her honesty, charisma, integrity and the ability to find the right person for the job. She is at the top of the list of recruiters and start with her first before you go anywhere else."
- Dave, 2010