Sales Engineer--Greater Detroit Area

Job Description: 

Responsible for growth of our automotive customer based in addition to the development of new business opportunities with GM, Ford, Chrysler and Tier I Suppliers/ applications throughout North America.

Assist in the development of innovative bearing solutions for automotive customers via new products for applications in which there are substantial growth opportunities.
Utilize CRM as primary tool to document and report all customer related activity.
Establish and maintain relationships with t automotive customers to generate new applications/sales opportunities.
Expand our customer base by penetrating new automotive type customers, geographic locations and bearing platforms.
Responsibly plan yearly / monthly business activities within established budget constraints by defining the targets/tasks/expected results. Prioritize daily work by timely consulting with automotive management team.
Willingness to complete weekly and biweekly business trips to automotive customer locations.
Capacity for creative thinking to develop plausible strategies to obtain automotive business growth.
Flexibility to respond to customer’s requests that are sometimes pressing and demanding.
Strong observation and judgment capability in difficult situations without hastily making premature decisions.

Communication & Teamwork:

Must be able to work effectively in a fast pace environment where constructive criticism is encouraged.
Must be able to work on multiple assignments at once, and complete assignments within deadline and with satisfactory quality.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Wendy Pierce
Technical Recruiter
Bryant Bureau
Roseville, MI

Office (586) 772-6452